Best Mass Effect 3 Glitch

Don’t know if anyone has really found any new Mass Effect 3 glitches, but I wanted to write this article to tell everyone (Since no ones patching anymore glitches on Mass Effect 3) about the Missile Glitch. Now anyone who doesn’t know what the missile glitch is, it’s pretty much a glitch that allows you to shoot more missiles then what you spawn with. Like my stock # of missiles is 6, so with this glitch I can shoot about 100? So as you can see it’s really handy for people like me who need (or want) a lot of credits to get good gear to easily do platinum and gold. Now if you don’t like people who use this glitch then I apologize but I feel like its handy and polite to let everyone in on the little secret. Now I wont post how to do the glitch but if you want to know then just look at the post on girlplaysgame.